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Leave it to us to organize and customize your escape room team building event! Thanks to our years of experience in the escape room market, we're well aware of the strengths of its many providers and are in close contact with every highly recommended venue. We offer a personalized service so you don't have to lift a finger.

Are you looking for an exciting team building event?

The perfect in-person or online solution for team building: escape rooms! Thousands of escape rooms are only a click away. Describe in as much detail as possible the team building experience you're after. Then let us find the perfect escape room that'll benefit your team.

In person

Whether your team has 5 or 100 players, we'll reach out to the best escape rooms in your area. Hundreds of our partners are just an email away.


Connect your team online, without boundaries or borders, from anywhere in the world. Remote online escape rooms allow you to play whilst maintaining a safe distance. Whether you're an international team or just taking precautions due to the pandemic, online escape games are a fantastic solution.

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Team Building Escape Game

Are you looking for something exciting and entertaining to do as a team building event? Then escape rooms are the perfect match for you! You get to know your colleagues better, uncover hidden skills and traits of yours and succeed as a real, tight-knit team. In addition, escape rooms not only mean a challenge, but also entertainment that makes it possible to enjoy each other's company in a relaxed environment.

Team building in an escape room

Escape rooms are not only exciting, but also offer many advantages for team building. Your team will be able to solve problems more efficiently thanks to the skills and traits that escape rooms provide. Communication and conflict-resolving are key abilities in today's workplace. Along with social skills, cooperation, empathy, self-awareness, responsibility, risk taking, concentration and confidence, these essential skills can be nurtured and improved during the game-play. Through escape rooms, you'll be offering the perfect framework for them to evolve.


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Please describe your preferences and requests in as much detail as possible. This way we can prepare the best experience for you and your team.